R18; Sex while dating & Sex in marriage, Which is more fun?

6 Oct

I am not usually a writer of R18 pieces, but I just want to explore this world a bit. I have been having a hard time trying to reconcile these two scenarios; “Sex while dating & Sex in marriage”, Which is more fun? The thinking is that once you get married, the sex gets boring.

Sex while dating is quite familiar with majority of us all (I use “majority” because I’ll assume YOU are still a virgin). What it all involves, the kissing, the caressing, the blow job/head, then the sex. The wildness that comes with it.

I have come across some girls who have said they are not going to give any guy a bj for no reason whatsoever and they won’t collect too, and I’m like why? They come up with all sorts of excuses, most mainly STD related, And I’m like, you’re scared of getting STDs from bj but you’re not scared about getting it from sex… Issorai. I *yimu* at them.
The guy at that point is free to explore any style with the girl, he could smack her without thinking. The sex is more spontaneous.

Back to my comparing, the part I am trying to reconcile is, do married couples still have passionate sex like the youths? The belief is that you get more of corporate sex when married. Won’t the woman want to be fucked like a wife, not girlfriend? Something like “have respectful sex with me and stop smacking my ass”. You see married women everyday looking calm and serious ( I am sticking to women now because men will be men). They don’t look like they do all those stuffs above. I mean its easier to imagine a single girl giving u a head than a married woman’s facial expression.
The thought that comes to my head is that as you bring out your johnny for a woman to take in, she goes “shey ori bobo yii o pe nii” (is this guy’s head not correct ni). Its still an ongoing battle in my head trying to reconcile that.
That another issue is, At what age will all these sort of escapades stop? 40? 50?.
Plus!, do married couples really explore sex toys? If your husband bought you a vibrator, would you take it AND USE IT, or jst keep it away?
Well, if you are married and you feel you can help enlighten the unmarried ones, you’re much welcome. Anonymous comments are allowed. And no hearsays please, and no quoting of Funmi Akingbade’s corner for us here.


3 Responses to “R18; Sex while dating & Sex in marriage, Which is more fun?”

  1. lovepink77 October 7, 2011 at 10:45 am #

    i i think sex is more intimate when ur married vs to when ur js dating. married couples tend to have more of a connection then singles i think. i mean yea i had great sex in my years of dating but when ur married to ur soulmate ur in another state of mind. sex is no longer sex but is now making love. ur emotionally connected. an energy unexplainable .. which makes volcanos explode and eyes roll back, an orgasm that will definitely put ur ass to bed with ur thumb in ur mouth lol i think the reason being because ur husband knows ur favorite moves and spots and know exactly how u want to be touched. yea you’ll have days of blah sex but when it’s time for love making with ur husband it’s def. more FUN

  2. Young Enthusiast October 7, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    Well, that said. But there is this belief that love making is a tame version of having sex, it more like a procedure and not an adventure. Can you really compare the energy and fun of 2 early 20s having sex and a couple?.. well, I am not married, but if what you say is true, then I’m looking forward to it then. and I’ll hold you to your word!!…. 😀

  3. horny hot October 10, 2011 at 3:06 am #

    Lol everybody talk about dating

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